Welcome to the Las Vegas Desert Racing Academy

We exist to allow anyone to experience the world of Desert Racing by actually putting you in a Desert Racing Experience Adventure Machine.  LOOK CLOSELY these are not modified trucks or hopped up golf carts.  These vehicles are not regular ATV’s or UTV’s, they did not start life as farm utility vehicles and get adapted for desert duty. These vehicles are designed, born, and built from the ground up for charging through the high desert terrain at sub-breakneck speeds! PURE FUN MACHINES.  These Custom built all Terrain Vehicles feature full roll cages, 4-point harness racing style seat belts, a low center of gravity, and easy automatic operation! Combine these incredible fun machines with the amazing high desert terrain of our Las Vegas playground, and you’re in for the ride of your life!  check out the racing adventure options and then call 702-644-2808  to book your adventure!